Picture of Conservatism vs. Objectivism/Issues in Education (MP3 download)

Conservatism vs. Objectivism/Issues in Education (MP3 download)

By Ayn Rand


This mp3 download features two unrelated radio interviews with Ayn Rand: “Conservatism vs. Objectivism” and “Issues in Education.”

Conservatism vs. Objectivism

In this radio interview from the 1960s, Rand discusses fundamental differences between conservatism and her philosophy of Objectivism, addressing such topics as conservative attitudes toward the welfare state, libertarians, and advice for young Objectivists about voting and working with conservative political groups.

Issues in Education

In this radio interview from the 1960s, Rand offers a philosopher’s perspective on a wide variety of education-related topics. Particular questions that she addresses include:

  • What should be the main objectives of education?
  • What explains why the current public education system is such a disaster?
  • How would the poor be educated under laissez faire capitalism?
  • How can grade school educators teach children to be independent thinkers?
  • Are racially integrated schools essential to any educational system?
  • How would children be “socialized” under laissez-faire capitalism?
  • Should the state interfere with how parents choose to educate their children?
  • When should a parent start answering his child with “do this because …” instead of “do this.”?
  • How can parents protect their children against improper influences such as salacious literature or bad playmates?
  • At what point does the parent’s right to choose his child’s method of education end?

These two interviews were part of Columbia University’s “Ayn Rand on Campus” radio series, which was broadcast from 1962 to 1966. Each interview lasts roughly 30 minutes.

(MP3 download; 58 min., 41.95 MB)

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