Picture of Inspiring Heroes: Pioneers - Lewis and Clark (MP3 download)

Inspiring Heroes: Pioneers - Lewis and Clark (MP3 download)

By Debi Ghate


Lewis and Clark were more than just rugged adventurers—they were pioneering partners who carefully chose one another. They deliberately combined their unique individual strengths to achieve greater heights together than they could have separately. How did Lewis and Clark lead this risk-fraught military expedition into the unknown and back? What were the necessary components of their combined leadership that led to their unprecedented success? How were two military commanders of equal authority able to co-lead a group of men through uncharted territory? In this lecture, Ms. Ghate tells the story of two committed individuals whose partnership led to the opening up of an entire continent, and examines why it took both Lewis and Clark to accomplish this feat.

This lecture was recorded at the 2007 Objectivist Summer Conference in Telluride, CO.

(MP3 download; 91 min, with Q & A, 65.39 MB)