Picture of The Selfish Path to Romance

The Selfish Path to Romance

By Edwin A. Locke and Ellen Kenner


Most people believe that finding love and making a relationship work involves sacrifice, and think that lasting passionate romance is the result of luck, chemistry, trial and error, or emotions of the moment. In the new book The Selfish Path to Romance, psychologists Edwin Locke and Ellen Kenner argue just the opposite. According to their view, real, lasting romance comes when you are certain about yourself, your needs and your worth, and is the result of thinking—including identifying the causes of your emotions—and being proactive about enhancing your relationship.

Inspired by Ayn Rand's belief that "it is one's personal, selfish happiness that one seeks, earns and derives from love," The Selfish Path to Romance offers a mindful alternative to the contemporary view of love for those who are serious about finding and sustaining a lifetime romance.

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