Picture of Forgotten Delights: The Producers (Paperback)

Forgotten Delights: The Producers (Paperback)

By Dianne Durante


Have you ever stood enthralled at the sight of someone—a photographer, a crane operator, a chef, a skier—doing a job superlatively well? The sight of such competence is refreshing, even inspiring.

The figures who appear in Forgotten Delights: The Producers are inspiring in the same way, but on a larger scale. The remarkable efforts of these explorers, businessmen, engineers and workers changed New York, the United States and the world. Today these 19 Manhattan sculptures stand largely forgotten, but once you know their stories, you'll get an emotional boost every time you pass by.

Forgotten Delights can be read straight through, but chapter headings allow you to focus on history or on discussion of art (Why should you look closely at details? Why does texture matter? What is the value of portrait sculpture?). Or just browse the sidebars, which include substantial quotes from nineteenth-century sources such as the New York Times, writers as varied as Booker T. Washington, Henry Hazlitt and Ayn Rand, and even a smattering of poetry—all thought-provoking complements to the sculptures. If your interest is piqued, the Bibliography and Further Reading section suggests where to find more information.
For those who live in New York or plan to visit, Forgotten Delights: The Producers includes maps and advice for a walking tour. But you need never set foot in Manhattan to enjoy the book: it's aimed at anyone who finds inspiration and a moment of rest in the sight of great achievement.

Included: CD-ROM with 346 images of the sculptures, all but 2 in color.

Sculptures covered: Columbus Monument, Columbus in Central Park, Giovanni da Verrazzano, The Pilgrim, Humboldt, Cooper,   Morse, Sims, Vanderbilt Dodge, Ericsson, Holley,  Marteleur, The Immigrants, The Garment Worker, Rea, Double Check, Taxi, and Dreaming of Far Away Places.

(Paperback; 180 pages)

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