Picture of Epistemology Workshop - Excerpt Recording (MP3 download)

Epistemology Workshop - Excerpt Recording (MP3 download)

By Ayn Rand


Between 1969 and 1971, Ayn Rand conducted a series of four epistemology workshops for a dozen professionals in the field of philosophy, with the purpose of “chewing” the Objectivist theory of concepts. This recording includes three unedited excerpts from the workshops that were not included among the transcripts contained in the expanded second edition of Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology.

In these excerpts, Rand discusses (and identifies thinking errors in) questions concerning: 

  • Maria Montessori's insightful method for teaching the concept of “number”
  • The concept of “non-existence,” concepts of imagination, and negative propositions in relation to the onus-of-proof principle
  • Certainty and the open-endedness of concepts. 

(MP3 download; 36 min., 25.83 MB)

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