Picture of Objective Communication: Writing, Speaking and Arguing (Paperback)

Objective Communication: Writing, Speaking and Arguing (Paperback)

By Leonard Peikoff


Edited by Barry Wood

Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism is increasingly influencing the shape of the world from business and politics to achieving personal goals. Here, Leonard Peikoff explains how you can communicate philosophical ideas with conviction, logic, and, most of all, reason.

Based on a series of lectures presented by Peikoff, Objective Communication shows how to apply Objectivist principles to the problem of achieving clarity both in thought and in communication.

Peikoff teaches readers how to write, speak, and argue on the subject of philosophical ideas—ideas pertaining to profoundly important issues ranging from the question of the existence of God to the nature and proper limits of government power.

Including enlightening discussions of a wide range of Objectivist topics—such as the primacy of consciousness, the pitfalls of rationalistic thinking, and the true meaning of the word “altruism,” as well as in-depth analysis of some of Ayn Rand’s own writings—Peikoff’s Objective Communication is essential reading for anyone interested in Ayn Rand’s philosophy.

(Paperback, 384 pages)

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