Picture of Aristotle For Objectivists (MP3 download)

Aristotle For Objectivists (MP3 download)

By Robert Mayhew


Ayn Rand held that Aristotle is the greatest philosopher in history and the only one to whom she owes a debt. However, many Objectivists who follow up on Ayn Rand's lead are disappointed when they first encounter Aristotle's own writings. The problem is that although there are gems in Aristotle's corpus, they are hard to find. This lecture is a guide to finding these gems. For each branch of philosophy, Dr. Mayhew indicates what Ayn Rand had to say about Aristotle's thought and offers recommended readings from Aristotle's own writings. This lecture is an informative resource for anyone who wants a closer knowledge of Aristotle.

(MP3 download; 1 hr., 22 min., 56.30 MB)