Picture of The "Trial" of Michael Milken (MP3 download)

The "Trial" of Michael Milken (MP3 download)

By Edwin A. Locke

This is the "trial" that did not take place—but should have.
Michael Milken was a financial genius who revolutionized investment banking. But his success generated an unrelenting crusade against him, leading to his indictment under a range of non-objective securities laws. Seeing no chance of acquittal, he pleaded guilty to six of the 98 counts.

Thus, Milken never had his day in court—until now. This mock trial features the closing arguments of the prosecution and defense, delivered before a judge and jury selected from the audience. The centerpiece is the defense summary, given by Dr. Locke (who conceived of this novel presentation). He rebuts the government's case, identifies the philosophy behind the prosecution and ends with a moral justification of Milken's actions.

(MP3 download; 90 min., with Q & A, 64.60 MB)