Picture of The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 3, No. 15) [PDF]

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 3, No. 15) [PDF]

By Peter Schwartz


Vol. 3, No. 15, contains the following:

“Reagan In China: Ideas . . .”: Reagan visits so-called Communist China to promote capitalism—and has his remarks about the free market censored by the government. “. . . And Consequences”: Reagan’s pro-China policy leads to a denial of political asylum to a Chinese refugee fleeing totalitarianism. “Olympics and Moscow”: Why the Soviets stayed away from the Olympics: their fear of mass defections. “The Media-Mind”: How the press buries the facts about Moscow’s public approval of the downing of the KAL plane. This issue also contains short notes.

Publication date: May 10, 1984

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