Picture of Atlas Shrugged and America (MP3 download)

Atlas Shrugged and America (MP3 download)

By C. Bradley Thompson


America, Ayn Rand once declared, “is culturally bankrupt”—it “is a country without voice or defense—a country sold out and abandoned by her intellectual bodyguards.” Thompson’s talk will show how Atlas Shrugged provides a philosophically mute America with a philosophical voice, the purpose of which was to launch a moral revolution. The novel’s characters and themes are uniquely American, and its purpose is to give America the proper philosophic foundation that it never had but always deserved. (Please note: this talk includes plot spoilers.)

This talk was recorded at the 2014 Objectivist Summer Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Warning: This talk contains plot spoilers for the novel Atlas Shrugged.

(MP3 download, 56.60 MB)