Picture of Objectivism’s Indispensable Value to Understanding—and Changing—the Culture (MP3 download)

Objectivism’s Indispensable Value to Understanding—and Changing—the Culture (MP3 download)

By Don Watkins and Steve Simpson


Objectivism is radical not only in its moral and political ideals, but also, indeed especially, in how it guides thought. It offers a potent intellectual framework for conceptualizing—and impacting—cultural-political issues. Drawing on new and upcoming books, these diverse talks present distinctively Objectivist perspectives on economic inequality, freedom of speech, and foreign affairs.

Don Watkins: Equal Is Unfair: Writing the Right Book at the Right Time 

When Equal Is Unfair was released in March 2016, it became the first major book challenging the inequality crusade—at a time when the Democrats were choosing between two presidential nominees who built their campaigns around fighting inequality. In this talk, Don Watkins discusses the strategy behind Equal Is Unfair, highlighting some of the considerations that go into producing books that maximize readership, influence and ARI’s overall mission. 

Steve Simpson: The Value of Free Speech 

Most Americans would claim to support freedom of speech in principle, yet many increasingly call for restrictions on the right in practice. What explains this ambivalence? This talk explores the flaws in mainstream views of the right and explains why its continued vitality depends on a proper moral defense of free speech.

Elan Journo: America’s Bewildering Mideast Policy 

America’s foreign policy in the Middle East is bewilderingly haphazard, costly, self-contradictory, ineffectual. Why is that so? In this talk Elan Journo explores Washington’s policies in the region and points to key factors that make sense of the chaos. 

(Elan Journo joins the Q & A session.)

This panel was recorded at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2016 in Seattle, WA.

(MP3 download; 61 MB)