Picture of Seize the Reins of Your Mind (MP3 download)

Seize the Reins of Your Mind (MP3 download)

By Onkar Ghate


Many educated people today dismiss free will as an illusion and instead view themselves and other people as determined by their environment and their genetics. Objectivism offers a very different view. It holds that the key to understanding yourself as a human being is that your mind functions by choice. This gives you a fundamental, delimited control over your own life and actions, which you can choose to exert or not. Further, a proper understanding of free will shapes a proper understanding of good and evil and of the nature and personal importance of justice. (The audio version does not include the PowerPoint from the original presentation.)

This talk was recorded at Ayn Rand Student Conference in November, 2016. 

(MP3 download; 53.80 MB)