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Start with this lecture
Of all the lectures by Ms. VanDamme available on the eStore, I suggest one begin with this one. In fact, in this lecture she retracts a textbook endorsement that she had made in a lecture on home schooling.
Ms. VanDamme's lecture is especially valuable because objectivists and anyone who concerned about the abysmal state of education would have a natural interest in classical education and its advocates, many of whom have good intentions. She dissects the approach and philosophy behind classical education to show that its execution undercuts its value and sabotages the true education of cognitive development.
Further, by contrasting classical education with objective education, she offers a clear explanation of objective education for people unfamiliar with Ayn Rand's epistemology, thus demonstrating what a fine teacher Ms. VanDamme is! She provides a clear, detailed critique of education for non-professionals in her field.
Following this lecture, I would suggest one listen to her lecture on Teaching Values in the Classroom and then on Motivation. If you care about education and want to understand why things are going haywire in our schools, you can't go wrong with these lectures.
From: Paul Bradley | Date: 8/6/2015 11:07 PM
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