Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Ayn Rand Institute eStore! Here you’ll find the most complete selection of Ayn Rand’s works available on the Web.

Formerly the Ayn Rand Bookstore, the Ayn Rand Institute eStore now brings you downloadable MP3 versions of our audio files, with more selections to be added frequently. You can now experience these fantastic downloadable audio recordings at a far lower price, and without shipping costs or sales tax. We still sell physical products such as books and DVDs as well, but we now provide links to Amazon for the majority of those products. 

Upon the completion of your order for a downloadable product through our shopping cart, a download link will appear; click “Download.” The product will be delivered as a zip file; you will need to unzip the file into your music directory (or whatever destination you prefer). From there, you may play the MP3 file or files, or add them to your mobile device. To learn how to add MP3 files to your mobile device, please see the specific instructions or website support your device offers (e.g., Apple via iTunes, Android via Google PlayKindle users).A single purchase of a product entitles you to unlimited downloads of that product. If you exited the checkout process without downloading your product, or if you need to download your product again, you may access it on your Downloadable Products list (available through your My Account) and download any previously purchased product. All Ayn Rand Institute eStore products are protected by copyright and may not be redistributed or played before an audience without the express written permission of the Ayn Rand Institute eStore. 

When you have made your selection of downloadable audio products, go to your shopping cart and look for the input fields labeled “Discount Code” and “Gift Cards.” Enter your code in the appropriate box and click “Checkout.” (If you received a code as a reward for preordering Free Market Revolution, that is a Gift Card code and should be entered under “Gift Cards.” Free Market Revolution gift codes always begin with the letters “FMR.”)

If you do not use the entire amount of a giftcard, the balance will remain available to you. Giftcards are not strictly linked to your account, so do not give the code to others unless you want them to have your gift code as a gift.  

In order to reduce our overhead expenses and offer the lowest possible prices for our downloadable products, we have elected to employ Amazon’s expertise to help you get your physical books and other products through their fulfillment services. Please note that orders placed at Amazon are the responsibility of Amazon alone; we cannot track, troubleshoot, or refund any Amazon order. 

There are still some products for which the ARI eStore still has physical inventory on its shelves, and others still that are not sold by Amazon. For these products, we will continue to provide fulfillment services, until our inventory has expired or until Amazon begins to offer those products through its facilities. 

To join the eStore mailing list, and be kept up to date on new products offered and special discounts, email We will add you to our mailing list promptly.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to download our audio files directly to an iPhone or iPad. Instead, we recommend that you download your purchased MP3s onto your computer (PC or Mac) and then synch it up to your iTunes library. This will in turn be accessible through iTunes on your iPhone or iPad. Apple has a helpful support page here: